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Posted by Judy on May 25, 2012 in Blog | 11,443 comments

Elizabeth Warren must think she is in a court of law.She keeps saying she has already answered questions about being considered a minority as part Cherokee by Harvard Law School.

But a Senate race is not a court hearing. You can’t dismiss questions – even if they come from obnoxious reporters – as “asked and answered.”

Warren is getting bad advice. It doesn’t matter if the Brown campaign is doing everything in its power to keep the issue alive. It stays alive because Warren is avoiding it.
Simply deciding to stop talking about an undesirable topic even if it’s ridiculous – think Obama’s birth certificate – does not work.
Silence is far from golden. Remember how well it worked for Tiger Woods after his golf club altercation?
Warren has no statement on her website on the topic of Harvard considering her a minority hire. So why can’t a citizen, a Cherokee tribe member or a journalist ask her about it. Voters can’t be expected to follow her campaign so closely that they caught her earlier statements – whatever they were. The middle class families that she wants to fight for also deserve an answer on whether she got special treatment.

Avoiding the topic and refusing to answer questions only fuels the fire.

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