Judy Rakowsky

Rakowsky Communications is led by a career journalist who spent decades covering legal affairs for the Boston Globe and the Providence Journal. Judy Rakowsky was embedded in federal courthouses for years at a time, covering major trials and producing countless page one stories. She mastered complex issues and the chess game of litigation and the media.

After an award-winning reporting career, she advanced to editing positions on the Globe’s metropolitan desk, where she sized up and shepherded stories to page one. She went on to cover high-profile crime and human interest stories for People Magazine, gaining insights into major national media.

Rakowsky Communications helps companies, nonprofits and individuals that face challenges in the court of public opinion as a result of events or litigation. Clients benefit from the extensive journalistic and legal contacts and deep experience of a media professional who has covered the top news stories in New England the past 20 years -from priest pedophilia in Providence in the 1980s to the Craigslist killer in Boston in 2009.

“Over the many years that I’ve known Judy Rakowsky, I’ve been consistently impressed not only by her insight and intelligence, but by her level of ‘journalistic connectedness’. She writes things that the rest of us find out only when we read what she writes. And there’s never any question as to the veracity of her reports. Her sources are always rock-solid, and her reports are undeniable. In so many cases, she has taken the lead, and the rest of us follow.”

Carl Stevens, WBZ News CBS Radio, Boston MA


"I worked with Judy Rakowsky for over a year on a political biography. Judy is an extraordinary reporter and researcher with a veteran’s skills at ferreting out hard-to-get information. With her unyielding persistence and immense personal charm, Judy always gets her man – or documents – as the case may be. She is also highly cooperative and a pleasure to work with. I have no doubt that she would be a tremendous asset to any project, as she was to mine."

Sally Jacobs, Author
"The Other Barack, The Bold and Reckless Life of President’s Obama’s Father."