Writing and Editing

Writing and Editing

Good writing helps you reach your audiences effectively and make sure you are understood.

When you are facing a crisis, it can be challenging to communicate with your employees, supporters and other stakeholders in a way that informs and reassures them in a timely way. That’s where we come in. We help you come up with an excellent strategy and then implement it in such a way that no one feels like they got
left out or got the word too late.

Led by a 30-year veteran of the writing business, Rakowsky Communications
provides a gamut of writing and editing services. We are experts at seeing the story in a pile of information, and knowing whether it will appeal to various audiences. We know how to tell stories and how to connect with content providers. You can count on us for attention to detail, journalistic speed, pinpoint accuracy and perfect pitch.

We help you say what you mean.

  • News-style narratives
  • Op-eds, bylined articles, white papers
  • Content for newsletters, websites