We help you steer through the crisis and legal challenges with solid strategic advice so you weather the storm.


When a product is recalled or an employee gets in trouble or, God forbid, people get hurt or killed, you need to act fast before perceptions harden and snowball. In such situations, we can help you not only manage communications with the media but also get the word out to employees, supporters and other key groups.

When trouble knocks it can seem like you are powerless to script your fate, but you’re not. Rakowsky Communications helps you craft an approach that embraces your key audiences and dovetails with the litigation strategy. That approach is informed by deep knowledge of how stories arc and ebb. And you will always have the services of the senior expert you hired, not a less experienced substitute.

In quieter times, we provide an audit of your preparedness so you can install the infrastructure to deal with eventualities as they arise.

With our help, leaks and pundits won’t control the narrative. We help you respond to:

  • Negative reports from government agencies
  • Accidents, computer data losses, employee malfeasance, pathogens, mergers and acquisitions, disasters
  • Litigation


“Recently I was confronted by a significant and unexpected crisis that needed to be managed delicately – and quickly. Of course, a legal perspective was rendered – but Judy Rakowsky’s skill at helping me craft a response to our community was priceless.
Judy knows schools -and understands the media.  She does excellent work – and, I trust her judgment.”

–Head of School at an independent New England day school