Media Training

Media Training

Being effective in a media interview is not rocket science, but training really helps.

In a career heavy with legal affairs coverage for the Boston Globe and the Providence Journal, Judy Rakowsky often asked the tough questions at press conferences. She has appeared on national and regional news shows and has been molding undergraduate minds for four years. Now we apply that experience to media training to prepare you not only for the ace reporters with the probing questions but also for the bloggers and advocates who may try to blindside you.

We provide real life training and instruction in what reporters are looking for and what kind of challenges and restrictions they face. Without taking too much of your time, we prepare you even for the gotcha questions and give you experience that inspires comfort and confidence.


  • How reporters think and what they are likely to ask.
  • Steps to ensure your words are not twisted or taken out of context.
  • How to get your message across even when the questions are not ideal.